Flexi 8.6v1 Cutter options disapearing act???


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Hey guys
tried a search to no avail

Gotta quick one for ya

Using Flexi 8.6v1

Trying it for rip/print and Cut... used to Onyx

When i go to the production manager to send to cutter after rip/print... my cutter driver options Vanish???

am I hitting something wrong

The cutter is cutting but with diferent pressure and speed values...

was using this before and i could go into plot drivers and change cutter settings???? WT:help


Thanx in advance

Dave L.

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I'm assuming that the Add Setup was done correctly and the drivers etc. are just not taking. Make sure that your cutter is selected in the Rip and Print and you are using the PM settings. You'll see that tab come up from time to time that will ask you to use default (Machine) or PM (RIP) settings. Hope i was of a little help, keep us posted


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Just looked at it again

My pressure and speed settings are there in the default settings but when i go into the tab beside the print driver option...(the contour tab in advanced), and go to driver options there ... there are no selections for pressure and speed
when i contour cut a print job from PM ...its cutting with too much pressure...

I`m sure i had those options there before...i dont get it
they freakin disapeared