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Flexi 8 Mac


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I just received this email:


August 14, 2006

An email was just sent to all Flexi Dealers and Partners in regards to the Flexi Mac version 8 and its release. Bad News for Mac Users.

The release of Flexi 8 Mac has been "indefinately delayed".

Post your thoughts and comments on the FlexiEzine.com Flexi Mac Forum:

Will this affect your sign shop? If you own Flexi 7 for Mac, what are your new plans for future software?


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The real clincher is Scanvec was charging mac users the price to upgrade from v6 to 8. BUT they were giving them the v7.5 and saying they will get version 8 for free when it comes out. But evidently its not ever coming out. Not sure how they going to handle that.


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I guess their sales for the mac platform were not good enough to justify the expense of continuing development, or they lost their top mac guy. Nevertheless I am dissappointed since I am new to this and would of went with it if available.



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Putting Mac behind the times with software that is only about 1/10 of the market for cutting signs is not a new issue folks. However, once we do get it.....it will work at about 300% better. Just like everything else does. :tongue:



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With the switch to Intel and the developement of Leopard and Universal apps it's no wonder why it's delayed. Considering that Adobe CS3 will not be ready until summer of 07 at the earliest, I don't see how Flexi can get done any sooner. I have delayed in getting an Intel Mac until CS3 is out.


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Good they need to work on it some more!

I just upgraded from 7.5 PC to 7.7v1 MAC I love it! Man what a difference in printing! More settings and control..