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flexi and custom fills


New Member
How do you insert a custom fill into a design. I have tried combining them and nothing is working. Like the diamond plate from bergen designs and a black circle - how do you make the black circle the color of the diamond plate. Any help would be appreciatted. I did this before but for some reason I am drawing a blank on how to do it. :rolleyes:

dennis j

New Member
Lay the circle over the image, select both of the objects go to Arrange tab select Mask if done right the image should be cliped to the circle.


New Member
You should be able to click the black circle and then select the eye dropper tool and click on the custom fill/gradient and it should take on that color...


New Member
If the custom fill is saved in the color pallete, you should be able to use the eye dropper. Otherwise, if the fill has been imported as a TIFF or JPG file or such, you need to use the MASK feature. Import you fill, create your shape. Make sure the shape is on top or "moved to the front" of the fill. Then you will need to select both objects and choose the Mask command from the Arrange menu.