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Flexi and Illustrator file versions

mark in tx

New Member
Everything that I do in Illustrator has to be saved in Illustrator 8.0 format to get Flexi to open the file. I have the latest version of Flexi Pro, and Illustrator CS2, am I doing something wrong?

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
One alternative is saving the IllustratorCS2 file with PDF compatibility "on." Sometimes Flexi can bring in the artwork successfully using the PDF import filter. Same solution applies for bringing similar files into CorelDRAW.

However, you're not really going hurt artwork quality by saving a copy of the file in legacy Illustrator 8 or even Illustrator 3 format. It will flatten layering in the document and perhaps break some AI-dependent "live" effects. But any of those kinds of effects should be flattened into actual editable vectors before being exported to another program in the first place.


New Member
I can open CS files fine with flexi however you must expand the appearance and any effects or make the image raster for printing and save as PDF with a color profile.

However I always export the art files as a cut file AI 3.0 such as ---->( Bobs_Tires_CUT.ai ) and print files I bring into Photoshop and save as PDF then save the original file for future use.