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Flexi/ Bitmap Crop Tool

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Anyone else experiencing this? Flexi Pro 7.6v2.
When I open a bmp, jpg, or tiff. It can't be cropped after it's rotated. Once it's rotated in Design Central or rotated by double clicking it, the crop tool goes gray. :rolleyes:

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
:thumb: I appreciate the fast/fix reply Mark. But I'm really trying to figure out if this a bug in the program. Flexi Techs say this shouldn't be happening.

Ron Helliar

New Member
No editing a rotated image?

The Mac 7.7v2 requires you to do most (if not all) editing to the bitmap when in its native imported orientation, then you are able to rotate. I think you'll find that if you rotate the image back to its imported state, the crop tool will reappear. I'm unaware if the PC side of Flexi operates any differently. I've never tried resampling after rotating though. I'm also not certain if this is a bug or not. It's a limited set of tools so we never really worried about it.

Sorry, I just read my post, to clarify:
We have never been able to rotate a bitmap & then crop it. Always had to do any editing to the bitmap as it was imported. Any rotating and we loose the ability to crop, etc. Been that way for as long as I can remember, 4.0 on a mac 6100?
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Mike Paul

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Here's what Flexi says:

You should be able to crop the image after you rotate or flip it. How are you rotating and flipping the item. I tried it here on my Flexi 7.6v2 and it worked ok. Can you try a different bitmap and see if you have the same issues.

Candy McKay
Technical Support Rep
SA International
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Ron Helliar

New Member
And there you have it

Well then, there you have it. Mike and I both have the only legal copies of Flexisign distributed to the general signmaking public that won't crop a rotated bitmapped image with either an embedded profile or reconfigured with our color management in either a jpg, bmp or tiff format. I'm certain it's as simple as us forgetting to clear our preferences.

(insert a dripping, sickly sweet diatribe on Saturday working to make up for this type off software operation that kills our productivity sarcasm here):cool:

Stacey K

I like making signs
So it's the year 2022...16 later and I am having the same problem, was this fixed?

When I raster my rotated png, the background turns white, despite selecting "transparent".

My work around is to create a jpeg of the entire project then crop the whole thing. It's a pain when you have 10+ of these

Any other suggestions?