Flexi Changes to defualt printer settings


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Hi guys :)

Just started using Flexi 19 and I am printing on a Roland Tru-Vis VG2. When going through versaworks I set the vacuum power to high. In Production Manager I selected my printer and went to the default job properties where I put in different settings (head hight medium, vacuum power 100...) but when it rips and then prints it goes back to the default (low head high, vauum power low...)

The same is happening with my Summa cutter-- I have the speed and force settings set on the cutter -- and I put the same settings in prodcution manager (default job properties) but it goes back to the actual default (60g force...)

Any ideas?



With FS you need to explore the Production Manager aka PM.

Here is the step by step to correct your issue.
From your layout window select an item to plot and click the tab.
When the PM launches look for the media with and Margins area.
On the top of that you have 4 tabs
Material, Panel size, then Options and advanced options.

Click the Options tab
In the lower half of this window you have an area caller Driver Options.
In the lower RH of this area there is an edit button. Click it.

A new pop up window appears with 3 tabs. Click the Before Job and under that is a pull down tab. Select NONE. then click apply.

You are done and the plotter runs on its own settings.

I always select none because I use 6 different settings
and 4 different blade holders on my graphtec for psa vinyls with
and without laminates.