Flexi export / Corel import questions

B Snyder

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My main cutting computer is an 450mhz Pentium II running Windows 98 and FlexiSign 5.8v1. This setup has worked perfectly for 8+ years. Its currently connected to a Graphtec FC5100-75. I love Flexi 5.8. It does everything I need it to do and it does it quickly. I have the 6.x upgrades and I never liked them at all.

My other system is more modern and drives my EDGE2 and Envision plotter. :)

I'm looking to purchase a new computer to replace the old Pentium. It'll have Vista installed and I'll be designing with CorelDraw X3. I'm planning to use CoCut Pro or SignTools (or other similar Corel plugins, advice?) with Corel to design and output to my Graphtec. Is there a way to do a batch export of my .fs files to a format Corel can import? Is there a way to get Corel to import .fs files?
I won't be able to run my current versions of FlexiSign on the new computer and I'd rather not have to keep the old computer around to export old files as needed.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


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I'm not sure about the batch export but you should be able to export them as .eps files and open with corel.