Flexi install question


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I bought all the stuff from a guy that went out of business and got a copy of flexi. I wrote down the user # and the serial number from the dongle. Put the disc in the machine and started the install. Entered the user # and serial number from the dongle as requested on the screen and hit enter. Got a message that the user # and password don't match. Is there something I am missing here?


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O's and zero's

Are you sure that you are not placing an O where it should be a zero? If they do not match you will get the error. Try changing them to the opposite.


it could be a second chair as I have. If this is the case go to Flexi in the start menu there you will see password installer. This is where you will find the password that matches the second seat dongle.


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Flexi when you upgrade now don't change the key..... they give a new password with the upgrade.
Did you wright down the password from under the "Help" menu from the old coputer? it may not be the same as the one on the dongle. ( I know mind aren't) just a thought

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When doing a Flexi 7.x install you need three items to enter:

1. the number off the dongle (and the dongle must be attached to the machine).

2. the serial number printed on the box (typically 7 digits).

3. the password printed on the box: (typically 20 alphanumeric characters separated by dashes in 5 character blocks).

The serial number and password keys may be printed elsewhere on other slips of paper, such as an invoice from the reseller where it was purchased or from Scanvec-Amiable.


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Called Scanvec and they said it is not compatable with NT (I did not get 7). I have the upgrade on the way. Thanks for the help and Merry Christmas everyone.