flexi-mutoh dilemma

Hello all.
I'm writing today in hopes that somebody Can help me figured-out how to print correctly using:
flexisign pro 8.5

whenever i send a picture to print the colors are all wrong and they look nothing like the original i send, I'm using a -mutoh valuejet 1304. and flexisign pro 8.5 also have flexi photoprint SE.
when I'm using flexisignpro 8.5- i can make some adjustment on the quality 1,2,3,banner, graphic etc, under RIP AND PRINT /ADVANCE tab, but the pictures still come out all wrong......
been trying to fix it my own for over 2 weeks and wasted over 10 yards of vinyl plus ink and still can get it to print the pictures as i send them to printer.
somewhere between the computer screen and the printer is making a change to the picture and i don't know what it could be, can somebody please tell me what is that I'm doing wrong, or how to adjust the color so it will print as shown in the screen??????
I'm I using the wrong software or i just need to adjust the settings??
If so what software should i buy? or how can i adjust the settings??
Very new to the digital/printing era so please if you have any suggestions or ideas don't use any big words that dummies like me wont understand dumb-it down as much as you can.
please help, i feel like getting the printer and computer and trowing it-out the window,:frustrated:
any help will be highly appreciated,
Well, the first thing I would do is print out a solid block of Yellow, a solid Magenta, a solid cyan and a solid black and see how they come out.
What brand and type of media are you printing on and what color profile are you using?
You might be just using the wrong profile for the media you are printing on.


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make sure your rendering intent is set to perceptual, that is the most frequent cause for craptastic bitmap images.


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If your test print is ok... Order some Oracal 3165RA, pretty good starter media. (Don't waste your time with anything cheaper.) While you’re waiting for it to come in, download the matching icc media profile from the Oracal website. Unzip and follow the installation instructions.

There are different profiles available for different media... some are good quality some are trash. When you select this profile, you shouldn't have to touch any settings except maybe the quality depending on your application. (After installation, you will be able to select the profile from the "preset" dropdown menu in your Flexi rip)

Experiment and search the old threads, there's a ton of great information awaiting your discovery.


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It's all about the profiles! Flexi has a good set of profiles on the disk for quite a few different types of media.