Flexi not recognizing all fonts


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Run Flexi 7.6, downloaded couple of fonts, unzipped into the FSFonts folder and verified they loaded. Rebooted Flexi and the fonts weren't available. Both are TT fonts and I can open the font directly through the FSFonts folder but Design Central does not show them in the Font list. Any ideas?


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Should I always be loading fonts in Windows/Fonts folder instead of Flexi/FSFonts folder? Have been adding fonts in FSFonts so I guess it will be a long, tedious task of moving one file at a time?

Fred Weiss

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The correct way to "move" them would be as follows:

1. Open Windows Font folder and click on File>Install.
2. Navigate to the FSFonts folder and select the fonts to install. Click OK.
3. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the FSFonts folder and delete all TTF fonts. FSFonts is not for TrueType fonts.

Using the Windows Font Installer to add or remove fonts is THE correct way to handle Windows fonts because it updates the Windows Registry at the same time. Simply copying and pasting or deleting will cause lots of problems long term.