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Flexi Not sending to Plotter of Production Manager


New Member
I don't know what the heck is wrong with this thing......

I came in this morning and went to send a job to the plotter and nothing. Restarted Flexi restarted the computer and still nothing.

I hit CUT/PLOT and it opens the cut plot window but when I press send nothing happens.

It doesn't seem like it is even going to the production manager.

This has never happened so I have no clue how to fix the problem. It has been working fine for years and no poof nothing.

cables are all plugged in plotters on etc......

Steve G.

New Member
Is the correct plotter selected in the upper left box??
I send to the wrong plotter all the time. Especially if it's an old file, it saves the preferences for my old plotter.



New Member
Just figured it out.... For some reason Windows Firewall decided to turn itself on and was blocking the program. I turned that off and uninstalled all firewalls on the system.

Now it works fine.


New Member
Make sure you have auto updates turned off! Maybe you system did an update overnight, sometimes these updates turn thing on by default.