Flexi Pantone Chart?


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I`m curently using Flexi 8.6v2

Does anyone know if there is a printable pantone colorchart included somewhere?

If there is i cant find it

Thanx in advance
If you go to view then create color swatch and select current pallet. You can then choose the color pallet that you want to make a chart of in design central. Make sure you open the pantone pallet first.

Mike Paul

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You can generate one in Flexi. Open the Pantone palette, its in your swatch library.
Then go to view> create swatch> current palette


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Thanx guys

Havin trouble with my numbers matching up????:help

with actual pantone color swatch book??

there nowhere near??

Process coated right?


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I Have one I created in Flexi 8.1 from the multiple eps files in this directory: C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\Samples\Pantone(R)


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Are you looking for a pantone chart that is numbered so you can print it out on various materials? If so, I built one from the solid coated pantone colors (It took forever). If ythat's what your looking for, I can e-mail it to you.


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Producing a usable Pantone color chart in Flexi is relatively simple...

View->Color->Open Table... select ...Swatch->Library->Pantone(r) process coated.slb

View->Create Swatch->Current Palette select 'Pantone(r) process coated.slb' from the drop down list at the bottom of the Design Central dialog.

Set the size to .6, the horizontal spacing to .8, and the vertical spacing to .9.

Set the number of columns to 42.

On the Design Central dialog: Advanced->Label

Select 'Arial Narrow' and set the height to .1

Invoke OK and then the green check button.

The swatch table is now created. Unfortunately all of the color sample labels are too long and in the wrong place. So now to change that...


Set Find What: to PANTONE
Set Replace With: to a single space
Invoke Replace All
Set Find What to PC
Set Replace With: to a single space
Invoke Replace All

Exit the Find/Replace dialog

Edit->Select->Select By Attributes select 'Text'


Now zoom in to the upper leftmost color sample. Select the group you just made that is all of the text and position the label for the upper left color sample to be on top of that sample. All of the other labels will be repositioned as well. There will be a handful of labels you might want to edit, the 'hexachrome' series, the 'process' series, etc.

Edit->Select->Select By Attributes select 'Path'


You should now have a perfectly usable Pantone color chart. You might want to enhance it a bit by putting a hairline outline spaced .03 or so around each color sample. It makes the chart a bit easier to use.


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Wow thanx Bob!

Will do and let you know how it comes out

I thought there might have been one all ready to go like Onyx`s PDF

Thanx for the replies guys


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I found 10 different files under:
C:\Program Files\FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.1v1\Samples\Pantone(R)