Flexi pdf export probem


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So I recently upgraded to flexi 19 from 10. I have a weird problem that now when I export a pdf, flexi sizes the file up very slightly. File would be 48x96 but flexi exports it 48.005x96.005. I know that does not seem like much but it does throw off my rip program with the cut file. When I export in eps or jpg the file size does not change. Only pdf.
are the measurements in working page...export...etc all the same?..
ie..cm...mm..inch etc

sometimes it converts to default cm if working
in mm and inches

just a thought


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When exporting... Select what you want to export, then hit export - should open up the 'Save As/Export Window' Be sure and select 'Selection Only' and deselect 'Suppress Options'. When you click save another window will open allowing you to select what scale you want to export as.