Need Help Flexi PM Job in Held Cue Stuck "Loading…"


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New owner of an HP 365, been running for a month with no real issues.

Normal workflow: drop print ready PDF, AI, JPGs into folder on RIP PC (bootcamp iMac w/ Windows 10), then drag said files directly into the hold cue in Flexi PM.

Printed several jobs today with no problems, then at some point it would not finish processing the the file in the hold cue, it would just be stuck as “loading...” and not transition to “holding” and showing the live preview in the top right of PM.

Have rebooted both the PC and the 365 several times + removed and re-added 365 to/from PM. Have not done full software uninstall/reinstall yet.

Even tested with previously successful files and no luck.



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We print max graphics so have say 40 designs. Each of those designs we do for each bike so for instance shockwave design is done for YZ 125 YZ 250 etc each of those models has various different years. Now for some reason one of our designs does the exact same thing. The work around for us is (illustrator) select all / edit / colours / convert to CMYK / select your cut file (if any) select / same stroke colour / change back to your cut path.
We send all our jobs as eps and occasionaly it will randomly happen to one of our files which has no connection to the fix above (ie not the buggy design) if we save the same file as a PDF then it works fine.
Hope that helps.