Flexi Printing/roland Xc-540 Pro


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Just received my new flexi 8.1 pc upgrade to run my new roland xc-540 pro printer,but have a problem.Downloaded flexi profiles, started the printing process, in matching the media & profiles, and sent to printer. WOW not even CLOSE. Way to much ink saturation, wasn't drying, then ran the same test, same material, same profile with versaworks and BINGO, what a difference, but went back to my Roland sp-540v printer, sent thru flexi and used same profile and media, and again BINGO, hit it on the mark.What am I missing with FLEXIs new and better software that you needed their newest verison to run my new xc-540 printer, in matching everything up, as it looks like ***. Any input would be greatly appericated.:Coffee:

Color Dude

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If you are getting to much ink saturation then you will need to lower the ink limits. Right click on the 540 in the Production Manager go to default job properties. Click on the third tab and then click on the advanced button. Set the RGB input profile to either colormatch or the sRGB option, then in the lower section change the bottom six boxes from Realitive Colormetric to No Color Correction, click OK. Then click on the ink limits button towards the bottom and lower all the colors from their current setting to 80. This should get you in the window. Check your heater settings aswell. I usually run mine at about 40-50.

Before making these changes, make sure that your profile and media settings are already set there. I would also recommend using LX Diffusion rather than the default FMXPress.

Click Apply & OK and give it a try.

This is just something to try..it works for me.