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Flexi-sign 7.5 help


New Member
Hi everybody. I am new to the site and the sign industry. I have a quick question about Flexi-sign 7.5. I am wondering how to make a drop shadow all the way around a letter or number and not just to the right or left.

Now keep in mind im a newb.

Thanks. Hope to hear some helpful hints.

Color Dude

New Member

Put your type on the screen and go to effects and shadow, in the design central box you will need to select the type of shadow in this case DROP, and then the 2 next windows will depict how big and what angle you want the drop shadow to be. Below the second box is a box that will most likely be grey out until you select "SHADOW OFFSET SURROUND", To select this option you will see a square that will have a black box with a red outter border. click on it and select the solid red box with the black line.. Once you select this option, that 3rd box will come available and you can set that number larger for it to be surrounding the type.

To make it easy so you can see what I am talking about, simply make all of the number boxes .200 and select the solid red box and apply it. That will show you what that result would be. Not neccessarily what your looking for but you will get the idea.

Hope this Helps