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Flexi Sign 7.5


New Member
Hi guys,

As my second post, i'd like to ask a qustion, which is recentrly i bought JV22-160, but the problem I have is that flexi doesnt support drivers for it, so I use JV3SP drivers for it. Now to get the maximum speed I'd need JV22 drivers which are found in later version in flexi, is there a firmware upgrade for this version of flexi or drivers that i can install? Or my only option is go upgrade to new flexisigns?
any help would be very appriciated.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I would suggest that you take advantage of the free upgrade to version 7.6.2 through your dealer. Then if the driver is not included, check the Scanvec-Amiable website to see it it's available there.