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Flexi-Sign Question



Hey Everyone!

I've got a question about digital printing from FlexiSign Pro. I've got a graphic to print that is 35"x48". When I resample the bitmap to get to a good 300dpi, the size of the graphic is approx. 78MB. If I reduce the size by a factor of 10 (3.5" x 4.8") and then increase the size by 1000% in the print/cut dialog box of Production Manager, will I get the same quality of output? I'd really like to reduce the size of the file to speed up the computer, but I can't let the quality of the print go!


Walker in Olympia


You will lose image quality if you resample when resizing. Otherwise reducing the file size by a factor of 10 will increase your file resolution by the same factor.

It's really best to work with your images at full, half, or quarter size when possible and not reduce them too much.

78 Meg for a 3'x4' print at 300 dpi actually sounds just about right (or even a little low). Is your original image around 150 ppi?

Working with big images means working with big files. You might want to upgrade your processing muscle if that image is taking more than a few minutes to RIP, it's not really that big.

Good luck!


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Totally agree. The file size is about right. I'd upgrade the hardware before changing the image. Printing simply takes time and muscle.


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Do you design and print on the same computer??

When we picked up our Mimaki last year, I required that we picked up another computer to do the rip work. Other than the time it takes to rip, I have zero slow down on my design station while the rip computer is processing my 200+mb files.

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