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Flexi Temp and destination folder full?


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I am trying to crop a jpg in flexi 12. It keeps giving me a pop up error saying " Operation failed. The disk may be full. Please check both the temporary and destination directories"
I have cleared the temp folder but I'm not sure where the destination directory would be.
The jpg is 35mb and Flexi wont let me resample,crop, downsample, etc.
I know that I could re-size in another program but I would rather fix the issue at hand.

Running WIndows 10, Flexi 12, 32GB RAM, 327GB available on hard drive, already optimized virtual memory.


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Try clearing out "C:\Program Files (x86)\SAi\SAi Production Suite Cloud\Jobs and Settings\Temp" Your location may be slightly different, but it's the Job & Settings Temp folder.

Edit: You'd probably be safe deleting stuff over a year old. You should be safe deleting anything in the folder that isn't currently open in Flexi.

Oh, and go to Edit>Trash Can>Empty. That can free up some memory if you had copied and pasted a large image.