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Flexi, we have a problem.


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Major Newbie here. :rolleyes:

I just bought a cutter that came with Flexi starter and while it will allow me to put text and graphics on the work area, it will only cut the text and not the graphic unless it is a (AI)? Type of file. Bitmap, Tiff, Jpeg will all import but not cut.(No cuttable object with current setting). EPS files will not load at all.

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The online manual and the quick reference guide sheet show all kinds of options like Rip and Trace, Design Central, Path Edit tool, etc., that simply do not appear in the tool bars or menus section across the top.


So I’m guessing this is a majorly stripped down version and the only way to get it to work is to upgrade? Or do I have other options?


Ps, I bought this for personal use, not for a sign business.


Thanks much, :thankyou:




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Some options maybe alot are limited on Starter being the barebones i belive. You may want to view a simaler post

Flexi wont cut
by SAS

But i can't see why you couldn't open EPS. I would say if you plan on doing anything with flexi you really need to upgrade

Fred Weiss

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It will open EPS ... it sees AI and EPS as one in the same.

It takes vectors to cut vinyl. Bitmaps can only be traced first to create vectors and then the vectors can be cut.

If you're in it for personal use, get a licensed copy of CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator and then use the Flexi starter software to output the vector files you create in the other software. If you're in it for eventual creation and production of computer graphics on a full time basis, upgrade the Flexi.


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Thanks Guys,

Fred, how much is an upgrade?
I went to Flexies web site but could get no answers, just “contact me” when looking for prices.

And no, I’m just playing around here, not a business intent. And my wife has sternly informed me I’ve already spent to much money !… :Oops:

Many thanks,

Bradster… :glasses: :thumb: :Big Laugh


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FlexiSIGN Software - New Flexi 7.5 Version $1,695.00

FlexiSIGN PRO Software - New Flexi 7.5 Version $4,295.00


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OUCH !!!

Pretty steep as all I want to do is put a 20" smiley face on the side of my boat!! :peace!:

Thanks for the quick price check on isle 4 though!!!...:thumb:


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Hey brad - if you save the eps as Illustrator 7 format I think it will import into the starter version. Any Illustrator version newer than that it doesn't seem to recognize.