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Flexi wont cut


New Member
We had this graphic professionally vectorized. It was sent AI version 6. I can get Flexi to open the graphic. But When I send it to production mgr to cut the grahic doesn't show up.
I think I dont have something in Flexi set right. We have Flexi 7.0 and have also tried in the upgrade to 7.6 We have tried saving file in eps and cmx and still have the same problem. We have saved in ai versions 4-8 and no luck.
Other graphics we have on disk saved in Ai format cut fine.
Thanks in advance

file on friends server www.blisteredferret.com/view.zip


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Wireframe Fill

I changed the fill to wireframe. It seem so show up now. Give it a try otherwise your email i'll send you the fixed file.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It is most likely incorrect path direction on some of the vectors.

I prefer to execute a Path Direction > Automatic command over a Compound command. It will compound those objects that call for it but will simply set path direction correctly for the balance.


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The problem you have is that the logo and the letters fill color are white. In Production Manager you can only see the lines that are in contrasting color with the background. To correct the problem uncompound the the logo fill everything with black or any color other than white and then select all the parts of design and make it a compound.


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Thanks I got it, I used the make compound option and it worked just fine. I will go back to the original file and try advanced tab & click on "send all colors" that would be an easer fix.