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Flexi10 production manager


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My hard drive crashed and I had to load everything on to a new system. I have Flexi10 working now and all of my files were backed up on external hard drive so all good there. Problem is now when I go to cut, the production manager is not recognizing my Graphtec FC7000. If I do a test cut from the manager, it cuts fine. If I go to cut a graphic, it says I need to "Select a Production Manager" "on this computer (local)" "on another computer (network)" "on the internet address"

How do I solve this issue?
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You should be able to just click OK when that prompt comes up and then production manager should open automatically.


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called Sai tech support and it turns out the TCP/IP was interfering somehow. He turned that off remotely and now it works perfectly


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Flexi and the Production Manager are communicating by TCP/IP, so a firewall setting could block communication. Often, when starting the softwares for the first time, a request for allowing network communication appears ... you should allow that.

In the field with the request of the local or remote production manager, you can set a host adress either. Try to set „localhost“, „“ or the IP of your PC.

If nothing helps, you can disable IP-Communication to the production manager in the „Settings“-dialog in the „Edit“-Menu. Select the „Tools“-Tab, there as far as I remember you have to select the „Cut/Plot“-Icon. Deselect the TCP/IP communication setting. You will loose the Cutting-Queue-Preview in the Cut/Plot-Window, but it should work.