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Flexisign 7.5 with Windows xp sp2


New Member
Anyone else done SP2 ? I am having problems with the usb on a Summa D60,
in production manager it can't find the port. The included XP firewall has had the Flexisign main program and Production manager unblocked. There is a provision in the firewall to unblock a port but I can't find any info on the USB port. It seems like you need a numerical address. Any one have any suggestions ?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I thought SP2 was delayed for another week or two yet.

At any rate, I don't have it yet but I can tell you that there were a number of people who had problems getting XP Pro to see their USB port and a number of technical solutions were offered by some members at http://www.4edgetalk.com/homepage/

Although this site is primarily there for Gerber Edge users, registration is free and a search might turn up some helpful information that would relate to your problem as well.

Just so you know, the site was recently changed over to a different forum software and posts prior July 19th are all in an archive which is accessed by clicking a button in the header of the home page. I'd recommend searching both the current forum and the archives.



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Both IBM and HP have instructed their employees not to install SP2 for Windows XP. They have many compatability test issues with their softwares. I'd wait before installing it to see other companies test their own programs.

Here is the article i read:

My own opinion and practice is to not have my production pc connected to the internet. I dont install updates verry much on it and i rarely had problems. Only my pc's connected online have had many ... and i stress MANY ... problems arising from updating stuff and of course malicious programs when i surf. I do perform the updates but i always cross my fingers when i install them :).