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FlexiSign Font Troubles - What Gives??

Ok, I am completely lost with this one. I'm still working on the Banner for a friend of mine. I got my martini glasses and jigger in there and everything look good, except, everytime I send it to her for proof, she changes something.

I'm completely ok with that though. She's a friend, but more than that, I might potentially get some business if this turns out good. She wanted to change it to have the words "Bar & Grille" on it. (I've never liked grill with an e on it, but it's her sign)

Anyway... I'm using Broadway as a font. No matter what I do, when I type the letter i (as in grille) it pushes it off to the side as if I typed the space bar 50 times...

Gr .................................... ille <--- just like that. (ignore white dots)

If I change the font to any other font, no problems, but ANY of the Broadway fonts do this :( Yeah, I could pitch her on changing the font, but I know she really like the way it fit in with the Martini & Jigger...

Suggestions? :help:

Jen Goodwin

New Member
It's just the poor kerning in the font itself. You can either kern the "i" back to where you want it using the kerning tool, or convert the whole line to curves (convert to outlines, whatever it's called in flexi) and just adjust it manually.

Broadway. Shudder.


New Member
Can you manually adjust the kerning? Select the text, then click the font tab on design central. You will see little "boxes" on the bottom left side of the letters along the baseline. you can click and drag or select it and nudge with arrow keys. This doesn't solve the issue, but it might be a quick fix.


New Member
My suggestion would be to convert it to outlines, and then manually slide the "ille" back into proportion with the rest. You wont be able to edit it as text anymore, but it will make the font you are wanting look correct.

Ooops was a minute to slow with the same advice, haha.
Hey, whattya know...

I Hi-lighted the "i" and changed the kerning from "Normal" to "Narrow" and it put it where it belonged. Strange, but fixed!

Thanks for the help folks. Another testament that this board is worth its weight in gold... mostly due to the knowledge and willingness to help by it's members :)

Enough mushy stuff...I got a sign to cut LOL

Seriously though...thanks !