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FlexiSign Pro 6.5v3 and Roland GX-24


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I was working with FlexiSign Pro 6.5v3 and a my body a old Roland CM 24 who works very very very well for me and my need, but my plotter broke and the cost to fix it was big and he have almost 13 years. I buy a Roland GX-24 but I cant use my Flexi 6.5 with it I have two computer in my shop one is G4 on OS X and the other is a G3 on OS 9 I cut my vinyl and my paint mask with my old G3, now with the GX I only can cut with the plug-ins for Illustrator and I really dont like it I have to stripe big boat and I have my old habit with Flexi, I make a call to Amiable and the person say to me we make no support for the 6.5 and put me on old 10 min and the line cut... well I dont want spending money on upgrade or update the 6.5 make the job for me.I pay a lot of money in 1999 or 2000 ? the only thing is missing is a driver why Amiable dont do a driver for the version 6.5 ????? I put a usb card in my old mac in the system profiler I see the plotter but in the Production manager the cutting test doesn't work "open port error" I cant stand on Amiable to fix it and I will not buy a upgrade.The software is very helpful and easy to work but for the customer services you have to be patient and I'm not I have to cut some big size decal and I'm searching how I can say to Flexi 6.5 they have to woks with a Roland GX-24.I dont want to have using my G4 os x to cutting my vinyl.its not in same place in my shop, and for me Amiable have to fix this,its very frustrating. if you have solution please tell me it
big big thanks in advance