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Flexistarter Font importing HELP!!


New Member
I'm newbi, but I've found a font for a race car that my Flexi starter software doesn't have. It's a truetype font. Is there a way to import it into the software to use it?? I've got a lot to learn but the only way is through questions right?? Thanks.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
To install a font into a Windows OS:

  • Insure that the font is not zipped and has a TTF extension
  • Open Contol Panel from your Start Menu
  • Double Click the Fonts Icon
  • Click on File Menu > Install
  • Navigate to the font you want to install and when it appears in the Font Install dialog window, click it to select it and then click the OK button.
The font will now appear in the menus of all programs that use fonts including FlexiSign.


New Member
HOw cool! I always wondered how to do that. You guys are so helpful. Thanks. It worked great. I'm learning slowly. I'm a machinist and used to cad/cam software. My vinyl software operates quite differently.