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Florida man here


New Member

I bought a used Roland SP-300V and was pointed to this place by its previous owner. Signs101 seems like the place to be for people getting into this scene.

So far I've made a six-foot banner, a handful of stickers and a few HTV T-shirts. I just did a semi-successful print on some marine vinyl and I'm planning on making some zippered pouches and eventually some handbags when I get a little better at sewing. I'm also doing some machine embroidery (mostly patches and polo shirts) with a Brother PRS-100 and some dye sublimation on a converted Epson ET-15000 and a Chinese heat press.

All in all I've got some pretty basic equipment, but I'll probably upgrade next year and get more serious about production.

Anyway, thanks to the forum admins and thanks to YOU, the person reading this, for making this website terrific.