Foam Cleaning Swabs? Where to get them cheap?


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Hi, long time visitor, first time poster. I am looking into getting some foam cleaning swabs for my printer. Can anyone recommend me some?

I saw some on and the pricing looks good and found a decent 10% off (printclean) coupon through google. I also saw some on Amazon and google shopping. I dont really want to buy overseas - looking for quick shipping.

Just curious what others have used?

Thanks for the help!



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I just paid like $15 for 50 from Fellers a few weeks back. Now i know where to order them!


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There are foam makeup applicator sponges that you can buy at just about any pharmacy & probably the local dollar store. We used to clean our Roland with them where I used to work. They "break apart" into little triangular wedges & leave no lint.


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What are they for? Cleaning? I have always used poly wipes for cleaning my heads, but I don't run the same kind of machine you guys are I guess.