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Foamboard Cutting Rail Setups?


New Member
Hey Guys!
We only sell one or two foam board print/mount setups a month, and we don't p[ush them just because we don't particularly love cutting foam board...it's a task. That being said, we're on the hunt for a tool setup that WORKS, but isn't 500-700 dollars to help make cutting foam board a little easier. I'd love to push foam board print/mounts if we have the proper tool to make life easier. 99% of the foamboard prints we sell are 24"x36" or smaller.

Looking for recommendations on a rail/track knife setup for cutting straight edges on foam board. I've found these two and curious if anyone else has better recommendations::

Image Edge Foamboard Cutter (we saw someone at our FedEx Office using this when we dropped off a shipment):

Logan Graphics Foamwerks Setup:

Any other recommendations? Hoping to find something $150 or less that WORKS.

Thanks IN advance!


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What about cutting foamboard is difficult or not working?
We don't use anything fancy to cut our FB, just a straight edge and a sharp #11 Xacto blade.


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Straight edge and a sharp blade should be enough. Otherwise, buy something like a Keencut Javelin or Sabre. Makes cutting everything faster and easier. They generally pay for themselves pretty quickly in saved labor costs.