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Font Filenames


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We had a computer virus and had to re-format our harddrive. Fortunately I had backups of all of our files and our fonts folder. Now, I'm in the process of re-installing our fonts as we need them so as not to let it get so big and out of hand as it once was. I need to find the font called Victorian but I look at the font filenames and there is no victorian.ttf file. I thought that the file name might start with ITC but it doesn't. Does anyone know the file name so that I can find it in my backup and install it? I did an explore/search on the word victorian and came up short. Thank you.


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A suggestion, download the trial version of CorelDraw 12, it includes their font manager program that you can still use even after the 30 day trial expires. Its a great way to install and uninstall fonts easily.


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Unfortunately the actual name of the .ttf file has no necessary relationship to the name of the font or fonts it might contain. People tend to name the file the same as the typeface inside but they don't have to.

Mosey on over to http://www.letterheadfonts.com and download The Font Thing from their free downloads region. It might be of some help, but of course, then you'll have to spend a few minutes figuring out that package as well. But it's worth it.