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Font Help Please!!


New Member
Can someone please help me determine what font this is on the sign in the picture. I need to do an add-on, the original sign maker is deceased. I cant get any info about the job from them. Thanks!


  • IM000574.JPG
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New Member
This is what i do.

Type out some of the words you want to match the font with.
Highlight words.
Click on Font menu
Scroll down till you find font
click Enter when you find it

Looks like a basic font


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The font is a match for any of the following:

  • Swiss 721 Bold Condensed (Bitstream)
  • Triumvirate Condensed Bold (Agfa)
  • Helvetica Condensed Bold (Linotype)

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
:Oops: Good call Willy. I stand corrected. The Black weight is correct and not the Bold weight. It may still be Helvetica or Triumvirate ... or for that matter, it may be Gerber's version which is slightly different as well.