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Font Help - PT Cruiser


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Greetings all,

I make every effort to exhaust my typography resources before asking for 'your' help. I have several thousand uninstalled fonts that VMP Font Detective searches. :help:

My customer bought (leased) a PT Cruiser as a business expense and needs to put his business name, phone and services on the rear windows.

Looking for retro type that compliments the PT CRUISER logo. I am wondering if Chrysler produced the logo from an existing font set. He'd be ecstatic

Here is the logo in jpeg but the original in vector can be found at
www.brandsofworld.com. Says it is an .eps download but when I save it, saves as a Corel .cdr file. Go figure.

If anyone knows if this logo comes from a font set and can identify the font by name, many thanks in advance.



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Looks very similar to a bastardized version of Anna, with the "C" characteristics from Banco. It's very stretched, skewed and distorted, and not in a good way if you're interested in an unsolicited opinion. I'm sure with a little creativity, you could easily mimic that look with Anna & Banco styling cues. It shouldn't be very difficult. I'd use the logo as a guide in FH or AI, and work from the same angles and spacing if you're really interested in an identical look.