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Font Help


New Member
Here are 2 sample. The capital B is the only letter I have. The word Beverage is all I have of the other one. Any one know what these are? I am no font expert.



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Kevin Newby

I think you nailed it Fred with the bernstein...I was trying to match the curve on the R leg, the hook on top of the G and little bevel on the A...looks like your font has it all. Did you use FontExpert to locate that?

I tried whatthefont.com and nothing exact came up.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Yes FontExpert nailed it. The problem with WhattheFont is that they only work with their own fonts whereas FontExpert has a database with more content and also allows the user to add thier own font libraries into the search.

Kevin Newby

i couldnt find the price or link to buy in the U.S. at that site...how much
is the program?