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font Help

I was looking thru all the fonts I have and also went to identifont.com
and can't find the fonts on this card...can someone please help Identify
these...I guess my next step is try to vectorize unless The font experts can tell me otherwise...

thank you


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any one else on the "D.GLEN" FONT..I still can't find this font.

Maybe it is a handwritten type of font....anyones thought?

Thank you, so much Fred...on the Font....for Concrete



Just Me
Dana - I'm pretty sure that's a font - I have seen it before. I think it may be from an autocad system though... can't remember where I've seen it before.
Thanks Stacy for the TIP on "I think I saw it on an Autocad System"

I started my AutoCad 2002 and was looking for the font
Well I didn't find the font for D.GLEN...BUT I did find the font for SHOWCARD Gothic that Fred had mention on Top.....just think you just saved us....some money...because we were getting ready to buy the Showcard gothic font....Thanks Stacy.



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D. Glen sure looks like House Industries - Ed Benguiat Fonts - Ed Brush.
But try AutoCAD RomanS with a thickness of .1 (change your pen thickness)