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FONT ID.. anyone please?


New Member
anyone happen to know off hand what the words PRO7 Racing and New Zealand are in?

the old story of a previous webdesigner who vanished off the face of the earth with the originals..


any help much apprichaited.


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thanks for that will check that out asap..

on the subject if anyone has any mazda / rotary related clipart / vector art thats open / free can you please chuck it my way, i have to do a site redesign on that site that i look after, and looking for some new ideas etc.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Brands of the World has 34 Rotary images and 15 Mazda images in their free EPS downloads.

The font either started out as Serpentine Bold Oblique or Serpentine Sans Bold Oblique and has been lightly modified (which is probably how Image Club's Serperntine Sans came to be).