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Font ID from Crappy Original


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This is literally all I have....
I think the Restaurante is a font that has been around a LONG while - I seem to remember it from the early 90's. Scary but I think it was on my Macintosh SE... remember those??? Hoping someone else can help me identify it from the letters you can kind of make out.... Just went through fonts at myfonts.com and didn't see it.
Also - any suggestions on what to use that would be similiar for the main line type? I believe the closest I can come is to use Nueva but my eyes are starting cross from staring at this screen for so long today...


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That is, without a doubt, the worst quality copy I have ever seen from a customer.
Have you tried www.whatthefont.com ( division/diversion at myfonts.com)
I've had success there in identifying fonts.
That is to say, some very knowledgeable people helped me identify fonts there.
Good Luck!
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This isn't the worst I have gotten. My biggest problem is communication with this customer. I am the only one here at the shop that can even come close to understanding him - he speaks very little English ... luckily he's not too picky!!!

Thanks Tiki - now if I can just nail that other font. It is bugging the heck out of me since I KNOW I should know it...


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Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!! It is Matura but I couldn't remember the name of it for anything. Much appreciated!!