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Font ID Help Needed - Similar to ITC Veljovic, but not quite.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Hi there,

I've been going through my font collection and slightly out of my mind trying to match the stuff that is in the attached sample. ITC Veljovic is the nearest thing I've been able to find to fit this. But Veljovic is not the correct typeface. Some of the details of the characters are just off. Complicating things further, the original "artist" obviously distorted some of the type and likely thickened the letters artificially.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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the 3 is close to Footlight MT (Regular)
G is close to SuecaWebHd Bold (Bold)
land is close to Footlight MT Light (Regular), and Andalus (Regular)
the and is close to Pristina (Regular)
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Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Thanks for the help. The "G" and "3" are indeed two different typefaces. The "G" was really infuriating because I knew I had seen the typeface and even used it before. Finally figured out it was Constantia Bold with no line stroke added. The "3" is definitely a stroked version of Footlight. Worse yet the figure is altered a bit; it differs from the standard version of Footlight bundled into MS Office packages. But Footlight lines up pretty properly with the other letters on the bottom line. That and the Pristina script letters are stroked.