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Font ID Please?


Just Me
Can anyone tell me what the "trucking" font is and where I can buy it? Need to make lots of shirts before Christmas and this is all I have to go by...


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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Looks hand done to me ... probably not a font. If it is it's been modified so heavily that you might as well trace it anyway.


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
Perhaps so but the 'g', not the descender but the loop, looks vaguely familiar and that bump in the left side of the 'n', followed perfectly by the outline, is not in concert with a journeyman hand lettering job. Perhaps someone orginally hand lettered it and then someone else did a less than stellar job digitizing it. But the 'g' still looks familiar.

doug rontz

New Member
I'm with fred, looks hand done. however try letterhead font (LHF Samster script) a lot of the same Characteristics you'll still have to modify. it actually looks like a mike stevens font.