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Font ID? Thought I was getting a cuttable file format!


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I guess I'll be charging for design work to re-create this one. They said they could supply it in Illy but I got it in PSD....Guess they figured Adobe was Adobe.


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Thanks Fred!
What percent of Font ID'ing do you do with software help vs "just 'ol fashioned experience"?

Fred Weiss

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Probably about 75% software and 25% from memory at this point. There was a time when it was more the reverse. None of us are getting any younger and sometimes my head feels like it is too full of stuff to hold anymore.


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Fish Its not emptier, when was last time you defragged your mind? Its so full it takes forever to find what ya need. My Prob is I never upgraded my processing unit so I still in 486-33 territory when lots are at Pentium 1.2GhZon day I might upgrade LOL