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font ID


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i'm looking to match or come close to this font for a menu i'm creating but don't have it. it's part of their existing logo.



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Fred Weiss

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The font is originally from a collection called Fluent Laser Fonts, Casady & Greene about 1990 or so and is named Calligraphy. It was a Mac only collection. C & G has gone out of business. It is also known as Calumet from Primafont, who is also out of business.

I have it in my archives. If you can't find it anywhere else, let me know.


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I don't have it... I searched on all 9 Macs in our dept. (at my full time job). I'll go with a complimentary font.

Thanks for the info.



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We've seen this request before (Calumet), It seems this would be a good font for a collection to pick up.