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Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone can Identify the font for "GSH Real Estate". I think it might be CIRCULAR HV or GIL SANS...but i want to double check to see if i was correct.

Thank you
sherry there a program out there that will identify fonts for must have taken me 2 hours to come up with the 2 fonts i think it is.


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Fred Weiss

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The name of the font is ITC Grizzly. It can be viewed by clicking the link in the previous sentence.

When you do you will encounter a strange situation. The font is shown but not offered. In addition, it cannot be found at the ITC site at all, or anywhere else on the internet. The font information indicates that Bitstream had it in their library for a number of years but lost its license to sell it a few years ago.

I cannot say with certainty at this hour, but I think you will find it is a font that is included with CorelDRAW as well as a number of signmaking applications that license from Bitstream.

Fred Weiss

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As to identifying type, if you search the forum for FontExpert and TypoGraf, you will find some threads where I covered this need ... at least how I go about identifying type. Applications can help but you still have to learn about type classification and who the players are, and were, before you will get good results identifying typefaces.

Matthew Gerber

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When looking for unknown typefaces...

...I always go to What the Font? first. You'll find it at it's free!

Just upload a smallish image of the font you're looking to identify and the utility magically recognizes the letters in the image. You confirm the character in upper or lower case, and it comes up with suggestions of fonts to match. I still don't know how they make this work, but I think it is one of the greatest (and most little known) treasures on the Internet.

It's not always able to match the font, but I have about a 75% success rate with it. It does have trouble with altered (stretched, squashed) fonts, and you might want to do some Photoshop clean-up of the image to upload to weed out extrenuous information.

If WTF doesn't work, try the Font Forums. It's like asking here, only more so.