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Font Identification


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I am working on some decals for a client and can not identify the font used in their logo. The client has no idea what it is but would like to use it for all of his signage. The font used to spell out Shanes is the font I am looking for. I have attached a sample. Thanks for the help!


  • Shanes.pdf
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Firemap1 said:
Looks hand drawn. Trace, scan, vectorize.

Probably not, the two upper case 'S's appear identical. Now someone might have cranked out an overloaded brush alphabet and then cut and pasted but it's doubtful.

The uppercase appears a professional lettering job either by hand or via ttf. The lowercase is strictly amateur night. If the lowercase proved to be a computer font on any machine I own I'd be forced to subject it to defenestration.

Bobby H

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Firemap1 said:
Looks hand drawn. Trace, scan, vectorize.

No. Don't do that.

The "Shane's Rib Shack" sample was an Adobe Acrobat PDF file containing 100% vector-based artwork. There is no need to trace anything.

However it would be better to open the artwork within a newer version of Adobe Illustrator to fix the problems with the outline effects on the lettering. In outline view there's all kinds of intersecting paths. It's the sort of thing I've seen occur with Illustrator 7. Pretty big pain to clean up. Easier to just regenerate the effect in AI CS2 and get a far cleaner result.

The "Shane's" lettering appears to be a font of some sort. Illustrator's direct selection tool revealed well placed extrema points, which is typical for many fonts. The "Rib Shack" sample is pretty cruddy looking. Hard to tell if it's a font or not since there are no repeating characters. It could be hand digitized since it doesn't appear to have the extrema points the other sample had. The points in those letters just seem kind of randomly placed.

On the downside, I came up empty handed trying to identify either font through the "what the font" utility at myfonts.com.


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Thanks for everyone's help. Ground chuck has the right answer. I may have confused the situation a little. I DO have the logo in a vector format but that is not what I was looking for. The client wants ALL text on his signs to match the font used to create SHANE's.....So thanks chuck!