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Font Manager


New Member
I have just updated about every software in my computer, however I am still using Adobe Type Manager 4.1 on my PC. I went onto Adobe's web page and found they no longer support this software. Can anyone recommend a good type manager software that is not a RAM hog?
Any input would be appreciated.


New Member
Bitstream Font Navigator is very good! It is bundled with corelDraw. Bitstream must make it just for corel, I can't find any mention of it on there website. www.bitstream.com something I didn't know... myfonts.com is part of bitstream.


New Member
Bitstream is no longer being produced. I believe it was sold out to either Corel or another company. However that is what I use as well, you could buy Bitstream without Corel in the past, now it is not even produced by Bitstream anymore.