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A font or a custom design?


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So far the only thing I can see is Optima Bold at 230% on a 25 degree slant. It's not exact, but close.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
It's definitely Optima, or a clone of it, distorted.....or maybe I should say font murdered!!

There's a lot of common type families, such as Optima, with lots of slightly different variants from different vendors. Adobe sells one version created by Linotype, and Optima Nova is a newer drawing available only from Linotype. Many are familiar with the Bitstream clone of it bundled in with CorelDRAW (Zapf Humanist 601). I've seen others called Optus and CG Omega bundled in with CASmate.

Some of these are node for node identical while others differ in some slight ways that inspire anger when you have to go back and duplicate some old project and can't quite remember what you used on that job now that everything is converted to outlines! Arrggh!

The various Garamonds and Caslons (as well as the difference between Helvetica and Helvetica Neue) are pretty easy to spot. Some others can make me want to pull out my hair.