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Fonts Folder... date modified field


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I install a lot of fonts on my PC and I like to sort them by "Date Modified" using Windows Explorer. This allows me to view the latest, cool new fonts that I've installed, if I can't remember the names.

Recently, I've noticed that any time I install a font, every single font in that folder updates to a "Date Modified" equal to the time of installing the new font. This has made it impossible to find the latest fonts installed because they all share that same new date. Frustrating!

I've only noticed this occurrence since installing the Corel Draw 2018 Font Manager. Could that be causing it? There doesn't seem to be a way to sort by newest in Font Manager either.

Posted over on the Corel forum too, but it's been crickets.


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It probably is causing it. But my advice is unless you actually use the font manager to categorize and sort your fonts, just uninstall it.

Bobby H

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I tend to use Corel's Font Manager and the associated font list filters within CorelDRAW to turn on/off access to my entire font collection. There are some faces I only use rarely. I don't feel like actually installing them into the Windows OS only to turn around and uninstall them. It's easier to un-check the view only "installed fonts" and "protected system fonts" in CorelDRAW's font filtering menu and scroll to the typeface I want in my collection. Then I restore the previous font filtering settings to keep CorelDRAW from bogging down.

Windows' own font manager has been notorious for refusing to uninstall fonts, bringing up some "the font is in use" error. Very aggravating. For me that irritating error made it necessary to use Corel's Font Manager. At least you can reliably install and uninstall fonts there. The last big update to Windows 10 Pro fixed some of the font uninstall hassles (they basically updated the ancient font manager app). But I don't think it runs perfect either.

I also use the Adobe Fonts service (formerly Typekit) quite a lot. It's by far one of my favorite features of Creative Cloud. It's pretty easy to activate and deactivate any desired fonts or entire font families all at once.