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can someone please tell me how to load fonts into signlab 6 i got all this used and the only font cds i have are signlab 4.95 "fonts and clipart v3"is the name on the disk
thanks in advance for your help


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if they are True Type fonts, go to Control panel/fonts, then just drag and drop the .ttf files into the fonts folder and they should install themselfs.
I'm sure it works with most fonts though i only use True Type fonts.

for extra fonts you could -Google- "free True Type fonts" and browse through the response.


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i guess the biggest problem i am having is we designed most of our signs in signlab 4.95 now that that computer has crashed we are starting with signlab e6 and alot of my saved files cannot be opened because it says that the font is not avalible!
sorry about the confusion


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To see what fonts you have in signlab presently, go to file/install/fonts, a box will appear. On the top right left side there are four boxes, true type, adobe, etc. All mine are checked. When you click the box Search Now, all the font types you checked will appear in the list. Look for the font you want to use in the list, highlight, and click install, it should be available to use in signlab.

When you go file/ install/fonts in signlab, there also is a browse function top right. Browse for the signlab font file you have, I think you mentioned a cd, make sure cadlink vef file type box is checked, and click search, the fonts on that file will hopefully appear.


Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
This reminds me of those PITA proprietary font formats in older sign industry specific programs. I still remember the old CASmate 2.x DOS-based setup. I'd have to load Windows 3.11 for Workgroups and run that TTF to SCF type converter utility to get fonts from CorelDRAW to work with CASmate. Other apps like NeonWizard had the same kind of non-standard font thing happening.

I'll be glad when everything finally goes to OpenType. Although I'm hanging onto some of my beloved Type 1 Multiple Master fonts like Penumbra and Nueva.