FP740 setup


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need some help to setup/ fill ink 2 new(used) FP740's.

after numerous initial fill inks, both machines still havenot reached total fill up!

after 4 >>>>, it switches to "now processing......" and stays there ( for more then 6 hrs!!

so I opened the machines to get a closer look,
and number 1 f.i. seems filled up quite good, but I can still see some air bubbles in the tubes.

as they have electronic valves (which I have no experience with on my other mimaki's and mutoh) the big question is, is it due to the air that the machine won't reach total fill up (8x >>>>>>>>) and what is the correct method to get rid of it?:banghead:

(a custom shirt for the good tip :thankyou:)


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Did you resolve the problem?

I have exactly the same problem. We have bought an used FP-740 and when we turn on the printer it goes to "ink filling", after ">>>>" it goes into "NOW PROCESSING" forever...

Did you find any soultion to this?


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open the valves

now that we are used to this annoyance, when ever it happens, we open the valves when filling her up, it then goes a little quicker, but it still cost a lot of ink.


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There is a problem in the reservoir ink part

The machine still here due problem in the refilling for the reservoirs.
Open the ink part, and check for the valves to the epson reservoir.