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free rip/layout software


New Member
i run multiple printers using GMG rip software, i have a couple older printers that are not connected through GMG as its quite expensive and we don't use them much. is there any free software available to run printers? at the minute im just doing file print on my computer but is there anything better for free that allows me more control of adding crop marks, easy planning up etc


New Member
There may be free software out there (not talking about cracked software mind you), but it'll be hard to find even if it's of any account.

It's not impossible for some needs, but software that is used in conjunction with physical production hardware is few and far between when adding the condition of "free" to it. Of course, support for your older printers specifically may also be of concern even if found a free RIP to use.

I do believe that there was an open source project (Grapo RIP) a few yrs back, but I've found nothing about it recently, so I imagine it's gone bye bye.