Freestanding Interior Directory Sign


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I am working on an upscale directory sign for one of our clients. Attached is the picture of where it was *supposed* to go on the wall. We assumed it would be no problem to move the two pictures... well apparently it is a huge issue.

So now I need a nice freestanding directory sign. Every system I look at seems too modern (shiny silver... metallic). The ADA signage I'm doing will look like the bathroom sign I attached (white 1/4" acrylic back panel, two-color background and white applique letters) and I would like to design something that would go with it... I need about 5-6 spaces on the directory.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to create this or what sign system to look at?


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Does your shop have fabrication capabilities?

I hate system signs in most instances... usually it's because if your shop can fabricate, your shop keeps more money.


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Unfortunately we are very limited. I usually use Scott or Clarke but I'm not finding anything I like or can modify to suit my purposes.

I also have independent manufacturer that will fabricate what I create - if it's not so crazy it would blow the budget. Most of the time cost means I have to use a pre-made system instead and find a way to make it work...


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Those are nice Rick.
So where the f are they gonna stand this thing? Right in front of those pictures? People amaze me......