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From Australia

Alf D

New Member
Hello all, just joined after seeing a post at SignForums.

I have been a signwriter since I left school over 35 years ago....yikes, am I THAT old!

These sites are a wealth of information and I'm looking forward to being here a long time.


New Member

Welcome Alf from down under! Sydney has been getting a pretty good plug from the Nemo movie, would be cool to see how the sign biz is down there. Australia is one place I'd love to visit, just not sure how I'd handle that loooooooooong plane ride. Again, Welcome!


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Hi Alf and welcome to Signs 101. We hope you'll share some of what you've learned in 35 years and post some pics of your work in our gallery.


New Member
Hello Alf, nice to see someone else from Australia here. (even tho' we in Tassie don't always consider ourselves to be part of Australia :tongue:


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
Welcome ALF-seen you on Signforums, looking forward to your conntributions